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Adult’s on the way to black belt!

100_3314This is a photo of two white belts. One just started and one has been with us since end of May. Nice to have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn that white belt brings. It takes at least 100 (more or less) brand new white belts to get just one to reach the coveted black belt level in Shorin-Ryu. They say, the average length of time a student stays with karate is two years (more or less). The journey to black belt is not for the faint of heart as it takes at least 3 to 6 years to make it to black belt. That may seem like a long time but when you found what you love, time stands still and the journey becomes a path to feel good.

During our 10 AM morning class, this morning, both of these white belts had a bunch of questions answered and major break thru’s.

Appreciation of how far you’ve come and eagerness for more is the ticket!
Arigato, Sensei Judy
Judy Barnhart

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