Merritt Island Okinawan Karate School & Dojo | (321) 459-3000

We could be the best karate school on Merritt Island with a track record of over 25 years in the same spot serving Brevard County. We might even be the least expensive karate school in Brevard county offering a wide variety of class times to fit your busy schedule!

In addition to working with kids, we offer special classes for adults only! Stop by and check out our unique schedule.


Before you invest in a karate program however, look at your budget and ask yourself: “Do I have the time and do I have the money in my budget for practical fun?” 

Once you decide you have the time for a minimum of 2 classes a week and 10 minutes of a daily practice on your own. Decide if you want to begin with one month or three months.   In our school we have no contracts. In other words we do not sell our agreements to a collection agency! We will give you a friendly remind if you forget your one month or 3 month renewal date,

The money aspect is easy to estimate: $75 for one month or $150 for 3 months.  

As for investment of time, we would like you to attend a minimum of two classes a week to move forward to the next level. Karate classes here are one hour and currently we offer: morning, afternoon and evening classes. As a member, you would be welcome to train in all of them as part of your membership.

So the bottom line is Karate, although valuable is pretty inexpensive (especially here)! Your time however is extremely valuable. Find a good school and just keep training. You’ll get there! If you think you might want to train with us, call Judy and make an appointment for a free, no obligation to join, 45 minute orientation class.  Call Judy 321-459-3000. We are open 7 days a week.