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Father and son karate

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Karate is a fit for anyone who has a willingness to learn. We especially like it when families join. Here is a father and son who have been with us since December. They just got their green belt on the same day. We have a small but enjoyable group of students. Tomorrow we’ll post some board breaking from the Green belt Promotion. Green belt level is the backbone of a karate school. Every test includes new kata. Pictured here is the 2nd basic kata. To test for Green Belt: proper courtesy, 3 forms, pre-arranged fighting number one,  a special exercise, minimum of 6 months, permission to test from Sensei Judy, a paragraph on karate and a testing fee of $30 and board breaking. The most exciting aspect of the test is always the board break but the kata is really the essence of testing. The father and son were reviewed by a board of black belts last Saturday and awarded their new green belts! Photos and story by Sensei Judy Barnhart, 8th degree black belt, Shorin-Ryu Karate USA.

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