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Finding a Karate School Part two the teacher


Written by: Sensei Judy Barnhart 8th degree black belt, Shorin-Ryu karate USA under the direction of Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro

Of course the most important thing to consider is: Who is the teacher? When you find one you like, you will have found gold. If your teacher inspires you to do more than you thought you could and expand your ability to be more than you could, you will have found your teacher. I have trained with some of the super stars in Shorin-Ryu and they have inspired me to keep going, to keep training.  I am forever grateful to have found the right Sensei. Sensei means teacher. To this day I have the same original Sensei and although I don’t train with him anymore on the physical plane, his words, his technique and his warrior spirit are with me all day, every day! My first memories of my Sensei are: Carry yourself with dignity on and off the deck, don’t complain and don’t explain, go the distance, develop a morning practice, show up for your regular classes, keep your word, be on the deck 15 minutes early, be kind to the beginner, be an inspiration to the lower ranks and so forth but most importantly work on yourself. I considered him to be a walking encyclopedia of the martial arts and his videos are a reference guide to Shorin-Ryu kata, the last word in “how to”. I refer to the two books he wrote on karate often. Karate is about training the body and the mind and it all starts with a teacher who inspires you and one who you respect on and off the deck and vice versa.

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