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Grandpa encourages grandchild Karate Merritt Island


Grandparent enrolled his grandson, in Merritt Island Karate, 1755 S. Tropical Trail

Every Monday and Thursday, Mike brings Donovan to karate, 1755 S. Tropcial Trail, 2 and 1/2 miles S. of SR 520. Wonderful to have a grandfather who helps his grandson’s dream. Donovan started with us at age 11. Donovan wanted to learn self-defense. He watched movies and imagined karate was his ticket to a better life. Donovan has really good attendance and never misses his regular classes. Donovan enjoys a home practice of kata and push-ups and sit ups that he learned at karate. His Grandpa brings Donovan early to punch the punching post that  perfects his focus and gives him the focus/determination to break the required wood board for promotions. His favorite part of karate is when we workout in the park across the  Street a few times a year. Many thanks to his Granddad,Mike, for supporting, Donovan’s chosen activity! Donovan, now a brown belt is on his way to blackbelt next year.

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