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Halloween trick or treat-ers!

polly bumble beeBrady trutleswitch george and minyon

This year we enjoyed 8 trick or treat-ers. Two not pictured showed up for the 10 AM class dressed as Special Forces minus the guns and parachutes etc! Sensei Barnhart was happy to work with the adults and I took the two children. Since they thought class would be in Costume, Sensei Judy turned “lemons” into lemonade and walked them to the park across the street. We enjoyed a workout in the fresh air surrounded by trees and living things! Me in karate gi them dressed as heros! It was  a fun day and as always the best part of my day is karate. Respectfully submitted: Sensei Judy owner Okainawan Karate Dojo

Later in the evening at the home of the Sensei we got more “karate kids”. What fun. Ninja Turtles, Bumble Bees and a witch and their brothers and sisters and moms and dads too. What fun!


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