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Happy Birthday Ansei Ueshiro

On April 20th we celebrate the Birthday of Ansei Ueshiro,gazing ansei ueshiro me and tomactually the entire week of April 20th, we will be celebrating Ansei Ueshiro’s birthday by performing 100 kata during class time. Leading up to this event, for the next few weeks, we will  take class time to work our way to at least 50 reps per class and then double it on the day/ days of the celebration. All students who participate receive belt pins. Some of us have so many belt pins already from years gone by that we are just happy to enjoy the 100 kata and the connection to feeling really good. More on the life of Ansei Ueshiro and more pictures will follow. This picture was taken in our karate museum yesterday. (nine foot high painting by Norman Steenhold. Medium is quick drying enamel). Ansei Ueshiro wears the black kimono because his father and his uncles are of the bushi warrior class. Ansei ueshiro is a pure bushi warrior and his story reflects that. Arigato.

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