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Jr. Black belt moved to adult Sho-dan

dist-pre-arIn our dojo if a student is too young to drive then we give them a jr. black belt, when it comes time to be promoted to the coveted level of Black belt. All children wear a white stripe on their belts as they attain the lower levels of green and brown. Master Ueshiro wanted this white stripe for protection, to alert other students that this is still a child.The childs belt has a large white stripe thru the middle. Mason was with us since age 11. He was promoted to jr. Sho-dan (first level black belt) last year and wore the required white stripe on his black belt. This year we moved him to the adult level. He is still a Sho-dan but he now wears a solid black belt. He looks 21 and he turns 16 just days away! We are very proud of Mason. He has come a long way. We are very proud of Mason.

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