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Karate a short walk to “Narnia”/ Rotary Park


The backdrop of a workout in Rotary Park is like being in Narnia! Sometimes when the weather is just right, we walk across the street and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of being in nature. Since we don’t use equipment, the karate is as close as a heart beat. For instance, some student’s, like our visitor last week, Sensei Joe Roberts, San-dan, Shorin-Ryu, would practice karate in the fields and on the beaches and on board ship when he was on maneuvers. The beauty of karate is that you can talk karate at the dinner table and visualize the kata on a car or plane ride. It’s a beautiful thing to always know your karate is near. For more information about our karate program that will change your life, call Judy 321-459-3000. We are the Merritt Island karate school located at 1755 S. Tropical Trail. You will be glad you stopped by or at least took the time to call.

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