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Karate is a life time marathon part one


The expression, “Karate is a life time marathon” is a quote from Shoshin Nagamine, the founder of Matsubashi-Ryu Karate and the karate man that Ansei Ueshiro called “my Sensei”.

This photo is of Joe Roberts, third degree black belt Shorin-Ryu Karate USA visiting us with his wife Yanna. This picture was taken in Kansas City with their two horses. Wonderful to see him again after so many years and to meet Yanna. Sensei Joe’s kata is looking good and when he talks he still has that same wonderful southern drawl! Sensei Joe is famous for being one of the original students from the NYC Ansei Ueshiro Karate School/ dojo location as long ago as the 80′s. After training with us for several years, Joe decided to join the military  became a Marine in Force Recon. At one point Sensei Joe was stationed in Okinawa and with a letter of introduction from Ansei Ueshiro, he trained with Kyshaba Sensei and learned to weld the Sai. Sensei Joe is also famous for the gift of a 10′ by 3′ foot lighted KARATE sign that has hung on our building since 1992.
When approaching our Dojo the sign leaps out at you and makes us visible to all who drive by. We are located at 1755 S. Tropical Trail and if you want information about an “exercise program” you can do your whole life, call Judy 321-459-3000. We will be happy to get you started.


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