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Karate is a lifelong competition with yourself!

This is a picture from the 80's. Ansei Ueshiro on the far left and that's Sensei Judy next to her Sensei all the way to the right.

This is a picture from the 80′s. Ansei Ueshiro on the far left and that’s Sensei Judy next to her Sensei all the way to the right.

A competition is a competitionwhether it be in a big gymnasium with people from all over the country or you up on the spot demonstrating to the group the lessons you’ve learned. If you join our school, be prepared because we don’t participate in state or nationwide tournaments.

It’s important when you join a karate school that your ask who the competition is. In our school accountability is the ticket. Each student is tested before a board of judges. Relatives and friends are welcome to watch. The student is all alone up on the spot and there can be no faking it. The Belt promotion becomes the “tournament” and it is a serious event and only students who are ready are presented before the board of judges.

You can’t do karate for someone else. It’s apparent in the first few weeks of class if karate is a match for you. We all progress at our own pace, accountability is encouraged. Do we have superstars in our Dojo. Everybody is a star as karate-do is not a sport. Karate-do (or the way of) is a lifetime practice. The average a student trains in karate is 2 years but some people do just one day and others enjoy a life time of having  a personal practice. All it takes is a willingness to learn and a passion for it much like some people enjoy bowling, tennis, golf, etc. If you are one of the lucky ones who’s karate practice turns into a lifetime marathon, you have found the gift that keeps on giving, in sickness and in health, a way to feel good everyday!

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