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Karate Target Practice

This is a punching post. Originally invented and used in Okin100_2296awa. Okinawa is famous for being the place where karate originated. Karate people travel to Okinawa like tourists flock to Disney World or the Space Center to see where it all began. Pictured here is a new white belt learning to hit the target and then relax. The wonderment of karate is knowing that in your life time you will no doubt never need to use it to kick, to punch or to stop an attacker or use a back fist or an elbow strike or just block and run. However, sometimes, frustration builds and karate is a way to release anger, safely! If you would like to find out more about Okinawan Karate, call Judy 321-459-3000 or visit our Shorin-Ryu Karate school, 1755 S. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, Fl. No doubt you will be glad you did.

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