Merritt Island Okinawan Karate School & Dojo | (321) 459-3000

Kids Karate laughter and serious point of focus!

IMG_0596 hb no judy
Karate school, 1755 S. Tropical Merritt Island, 321-459-3000. In the picture are 4 little girls age 6 1/2 thru 8. This drill is learning to block the head.
Making a wall of the arms and the x in front of the face is like a boxers “rope a dope”! There are 6 basics and this techniques teaches control of the arms and crosses the mid line of the body. Not only does this, introduction to karate class with Sensei Judy bring them to a point of focus but at times there is serious laughter when the 4 boys and the 4 girls get together the famous karate train. What is a karate train? The karate train is a moment of glee and laughter as the engine (student on the front of the line) decides which way to go and the caboose keeps up. Seconds of being a leader and just moving about and guding the train on the padded karate deck without falling is the goal. Then the engine becomes the caboose and so on and so forth. Parents find themselves laughing too. Laughter helps learning!

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