Merritt Island Okinawan Karate School & Dojo | (321) 459-3000

Little Girls love karate

IMG_5342Karate is not just for all ages of: men and boys and women. Little girls love to feel powerful too! The picture at the left is Gabby and Polly learning to kick with focus and proper distance. Notice the smile!

Something happens when boundaries are established and reaching for perfection is encouraged by the Sensei. On the karate deck, the only one we compete with is our self. As the students learn the outward display of basic courtesy and the physical skills of punching, blocking, push-ups etc., they appear stronger and more confident. It’s an inside transformation that can be seen on the outside. If you would like to see or experience what we do here at our karate school, call Judy: 321-459-3000. We are located at 1755 S. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island. Open 7 days a week.

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