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Maryann our nurse/black belt, Shorin-Ryu Karate USA

100_2025Several years ago, we had the good fortune of accepting into our karate school a woman with 4 years of training in another style, Shotokan. Anyone who trains in another style always has to begin again and we discourage them because it’s not easy. Maryann had just relocated to this area and searched everywhere for a style similar to her own from up north. Maryann decided that we were so similar to her traditional style that she was willing to switch to Shorin-Ryu to have a dojo/karate school again. It’s not easy learning a new style of karate, it’s like learning a new language but with persistence and dedicated focus, she moved forward and adapted to our style Shorin-Ryu. Now she is an inspiration to other women to follow their instincts. Maryann says: “I liked this karate school right away and I knew Sensei Judy and Sensei Barnhart were the real deal”!  The only thing that keeps Maryann from from the dojo is her job. Maryann is like a doctor when it comes to soothing sick people. She works full time and loves being a nurse as much as she loves doing karate. Maryann is hungry to learn more and keep progressing on the path and unafraid to break boards, learn new kata and help with teaching. Maryann really gets “it”. It’s always a pleasure to see her on the deck.

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