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New Beginning, “face lift”!


The south wall, the wall next to our Karate Museum, is getting a “face lift”! New year 2015 has begun and first on the list is fresh paint. This new beginning/ begin again/ fresh start is not only practical but symbolic of a brand new year. Chris Taylor jr., Sho-dan, SRKUSA and Chris Taylor Sr., Go-kyu SRKUSA are pictured here. The Taylors are a father and son team. Both are artist’s first, handy men second and both are fast and efficient no matter what the task. Coming soon the Taylors will hang an original art work on the front of our karate building. This is a painting of the 2015 Chinese New Year animal, the Ram. If you are interested in Shorin-Ryu Karate USA or you are interested in connecting with the Taylors, give Sensei Judy a call, 321-459-3000. Best wishes for your “Begin again/ Happy New Year 2015″! Written by: Sensei Judy and Sensei Barnhart


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