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Part two: Do you know any yoga masters with a foundation in karate?

250845_10151027630319419_1727449763_nInterview by Judy Barnhart

Part two: Do you know any yoga masters with a foundation in Karate?                                                                          

Shane- Well many “yoga masters” won’t call themselves “masters” yet there students would even if they are.  Two highly respected yoga instructors in the Ashtanga tradition that I admire are Iain Grysak and Noah Williams.  Both of them are quite advanced in the vigorous Ashtanga tradition and both practice the 4th series which very few practitioners in this tradition will ever reach.  I met Noah first in Mysore, India in 2006 and was impressed by his humility and openness to share his knowledge of the tradition over meals at lunch.  Noah has a background in Tai Chi, Qigong, and Tang Soo Do.  I first met Iain in 2007 when he was in Boulder studying with Richard Freeman.  I spent well over a year in total with Iain in Goa and we were both neighbors for some of that period.  We both were studying under Rolf and Marci in Goa.  Iain has a background in Tang Soo Do like Noah.  Rolf told me on my last trip to Goa, that he was studying martial arts in Holland until he arrived in India and then yoga took over for him as it was hard to pursue both.  I think there is a lot of crossover in the yoga students I have met.  There is a martial art popular in Kerala in South India called Kalaripayattu which is one of the oldest fighting forms there is.

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