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Personal Empowerment with Nurse Mary Ann

Nurse Mary Ann, blackbelt, Shorin-Ryu Karate USA will be a major contributor. Two other black belts and an advanced Shorin-Ryu karate student will offer their opinions and favorite techniques. A lively talk will follow. Nurse Mary Ann has worked in some major big cities and understands really well the importance of a plan.
Have you ever been out at night in a dark parking lot and felt vulnerable and wondered:
“What lurks out there and what should I do if”?
Well, if this sounds like you, you may like to join us for some powerful ideas about this and other related situations. This assault prevention talk is inspired by a need in our community to empower women in vulnerable situations. We expect a lively adult discussion at the Okinawan Karate Dojo on Merritt Island,  this Wednesday, September 24th. Call Judy 321-459-3000 for more information. Nurse Mary Ann, Shodan blackbelt will be a major contributor.

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