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Praying Mantis/ sitting in stillness

100_2313The animal for this week is the Praying mantis. Inhale and exhale, while sitting still for a minute or two. Commit to the pose. Patience. Relax. Focus the eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just be. Reach for perfection. On the way to perfection, it’s okay to laugh. It’s okay to look up. It’s okay to look down. It’s all okay. With practice, we’ll get it. In our dragon class, the “Praying mantis” became a silly exercise. The music played: “Whenever I catch myself wondering where the river flows….I just sew the buttons on, bake the cherry pie”…and so on. Having fun is the best way to begin any journey! Keep moving forward. Next week is the Tiger! Our brand new beginner little dragon program starts soon. The current group has two more sessions and then two weeks off before we begin again. Any questions or concerns, call Sensei Judy 321-459-3000 or stop by, 1755 S. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island.

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