Merritt Island Okinawan Karate School & Dojo | (321) 459-3000

Sensei Barnhart, Merritt Island Dojo, 1755 S. Tropical Tr.

100_1045Sensei Barnhart, chief instructor, Merritt Island Karate, 1755 S. Tropical Trail, 321-459-3000 moved to Florida in 1984 to join the manned space program. He retired from Kennedy Space Center in 2011. He has been training at the Okinawan Karate Dojo since 1991. He now holds the rank of 6th dan and title of Kyoshi in Shorin-Ryu Karate USA. Sensei Barnhart, chief instructor of the Okinawan Karate Dojo, is most appreciated for his wonderful sense of humor and his focus on the technical aspects of Kata and weapons. He instructs classes three times per week. Sensei Barnhart has been happily married to Sensei Judy since 1998. We call him Sensei as the title Kyoshi, means professor or PHD and in Japan it is used only in the written form. The title he is less known for is Chief of the Dojo Maintenance Dept. Sensei Barnhart makes critical decisions on keeping our Dojo beautiful both inside and out!

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