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Sustainable Karate

Sustainable karate.  Karate has been around for centuries. The influence of karate comes from the Chinese. The roots of karate trace back to the Shaolin Temple. Karate originated in a little island like Merritt Island between China and Japan. Karate was handed down from father to son, uncle to nephew and now women help to keep the style alive. Pictured here is Sensei Judy. She has been training since 1975! There are no written records as before 1901 Karate was practiced in secret.
We, the students of Shorin-Ryu, keep this art alive by not changing the kata/forms.
The following is a poem from our Karate Museum located next door!
           I never met Sensei’s Sensei and yet I learned his kata:
I know the master in this way: Shorin-Ryu way
Without his journey, so many
would never know themselves.
My Sensei’s Sensei is Ansei Ueshiro. Ansei Ueshiro was the first Okinawan to bring Karate to the United States in 1962. Our lineage traces back to Okinawa thru Ansei Ueshiro and the long line before him. We go on and on and as we teach Shorin-Ryu to the new generations the art sustains and is sustainable! We look for students with a willingness to learn.
New class now forming for Kids. Stop by and find out if this is a fit for your child/grandchild/niece or nephew. We are here most of the time. Call first 321-459-3000 1755 S. Tropical Trail. 2 1/2 miles south of SR520
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