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The Bigger the Gorilla

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Remembering Eddie Garcia by Sensei Judy

This is a picture of me in front of the changeable letter sign. In a moment of inspiration, I thought it would be good to ask Sensei Barnhart to take a picture of me standing in front of Eddie’s words. I feel a spiritual connection to the person who the quote comes from. His name is Eddie Garcia. Eddie is a bigger than life black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate, that both Don and I knew really well when he walked on the Earth plane. He is no longer with us but the stories of his magnanimous spirit live on.

                                            “I WELCOME ADVERSITY,

                                            THE BIGGER THE GORILLA,

                                            THE BIGGER MY SPIRIT”

                                              By Eddie Garcia

Eddie was a tough guy. He was born in “hell’s kitchen” and he knew the streets. He found karate later in life. He was in his 40′s when he decided to join karate. Eddie loved to tell stories and he made us laugh. No doubt many people remember him as their hero. Eddie lived a rich life, filled with contrast and he always knew how to find his way back to feel good. Eddie appreciated his karate teachers and give them credit for teaching him “the way”.  Eddie did what all teachers do, he keep the lessons alive by sharing what he learned from his teachers. Eddie, however, added the quintessential flavor of having been in fights, back against the wall fights and Eddie gave us a living, breathing example of the bigger spirit always wins. Of course we miss him and his stories and his New York accent. Feels good to honor him with remembering how he inspired us to live bigger lives.

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