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The mirror tells all!

100_2165Written by Sensei Judy, inspired by a TV, talk show interview with Taylor Swift.

Even at Taylor Swift’s level of stardom, she says she has a healthy level of insecurity. She marches to her own drum but still questions her performance. She says this keeps her on the edge. We all need a little edge to keep us reaching for perfection. What other people think of us is not what’s important, it’s what we think of what we are doing, being, becoming. Read on!

When I started karate in 1975, I was told by my Sensei, that the most valuable tool in the Dojo is the mirror. Shortly there after I began using a mirror in my home to polish my karate techniques. What I noticed was my shoulders were up and I was holding tension and my fist wasn’t tight and the wrist was not the height of the shoulder. I saw all the things I see now in most brand new students today.

Eventually the tension in my shoulders subsided and the fist became tighter and the lines and the angles started to click into place. As much as I was corrected, verbally, it wasn’t till I could see it for myself that improvement began. This was the beginning of a daily practice that continues on. The mirror tells me if I am tense or relaxed and if indeed I am low enough etc.

The mirror also reflects the pause between the move. It’s the pause between the move that gives speed and power to the impending technique and it’s the pause between this strike or block that feels just as good if not even better than the hit!

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