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Tiger eyes

tigerEver notice how your house cat does things like twitch his ears, yawn big and playfully pounce? Tigers do the same only with more power and strength. One thing many people may not know is that tigers attack from behind. In a children’s book titled, Wild Cats by Mary Batten, page 21, “In India and Bangladesh, tigers sometimes kill people who go into the swamps. To help protect people in this area, the government gives out masks. They tell people to wear the masks on the back of their head. Why? Tigers are less likely to attack if they see a face. With the masks, the number of people killed each year by tigers has dropped from about forty-five per year to between three and seven. This week in class we will do exercises to improve side vision and help to develop “eyes in the back of the head”. If you would like more information about us or you would like to visit our karate school, call Judy 321-459-3000 or just stop by 1755 S. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island.

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