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What is a white belt in Karate?


The white belt is a brand new student. The white belt is new blood. The white belt is who we learn from. The white belt brings hope and excitement and possibility. 80% of everything you learn is at the white belt level. White belt is a foundation for what is to come. Just like in Math or rocket science or learning a new language or carpentry etc., you have to learn the basics and build from there. In our dojo (karate school) the most important student on the deck is the white belt. We welcome the opportunity to learn from the brand new student as it works both ways! We learn from each other.  If you are feeling brave and want to open a new door and have a desire to learn, give us a call or visit our website: Our Dojo is located on Merritt Island 1755 S. Tropical trail. 2 and 1/2 miles south of SR520 on South Tropical. Look for the Karate sign it will leap out at you and then ring the bell.

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